Gary Scholar’s Bapbooks are an amazing collection of 30 children’s books for ages 5-11 year that tackle issues that speak to the heart. Children, parents, and teachers can relate to the subject matter discussed in each book - fears, challenges, hopes and dreams all come together with heartwarming illustrations and words that empower, inspire and soothe. These are wonderful stories to read aloud to your children or to the children in your classroom. Children can curl up and read them to themselves over and over again . They make great gifts and each one has a believe anything’s possible message. As a parent, a former classroom teacher and an educational therapist for many years, I highly recommend the collection.

Sheryl Roessler - Educational Therapist

Grayson’s Fantastical Series 9 Books :

The entire Grayson’s Fantastical Series of 9 books are hilarious laugh-out-loud adventures of 11 year old Grayson and his smart aleck cat Scooper. They are truly Fantastical! Each book is filled with the inspiring message of love and hope. They tickle the imagination and create a magical reading experience that helps the reader believe anything’s possible! I highly recommend all 40 bapbooks that the author Gary Scholar has written.

Marcy Ann - Children’s Social Worker

Angora I’m Knot Just Fluff I’m Always Enough:

I sent Angora to my friends for gifts for their children and they loved the book! Angora provides the strong message of self belief with a bunny who wants to be a dancer. It is filled with hope and a surprising solution to make Angora’s dream come true! I highly recommend this amazing book!

Laura Simons

Angora’s story is beautifully layered with lessons of compassion, perseverance, faith, friendship and family. The relationship that Angora shares with her mother, grandmother and best friend are priceless. This book is an inspiration for all children.

Donna Palicka - owner of Sister-Arts-knitting store

The clickity clack of the knitting needles helped Angora with her rhythm so she could dance. You will have a hippity hoppity great time reading this cute, funny book to believe in yourself.

Shu Offner 6 years old.

Fostering Sam’s Dream:

Poignant story of honesty, compassion and love leading to sibling connection in forever family for foster children. I highly recommend this book to all foster children and for all children to believe anything’s possible!

Lynn Price founder of Camp to Belong- bringing foster siblings together

Biddly’s Triumph from Zero to Hero:

What a marvelous story of learning disabilities. If a child has a learning disability this magnificent story allows a child to see there is a way to be successful. It is filled with hope. Everyone is touched by someone with a learning disability whether in the classroom, a sibling, relative or friend. I recommend this book highly for teachers, parents and children.

Sheryl Roessler - Educational Therapist

Nellie Triumphs Over Being Made Fun Of:

Does your child struggle with weight issues? This amazing book can really help kids understand what they can do in a way that children can understand. Kids make fun of other kids and may even bully them. This wonderful book builds a child’s self esteem which helps them feel better about themselves. I highly recommend this book!

Nicki Klinkhamer - Executive Director Proactive Kids

Sheryl’s Yumptious Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies:

The best gift I can think of for families like my own who understand what it’s like to have a child with food allergies or sensitivities. This is a delightful and comforting story of growing up and not being able to partake in enjoying food easily as other children get to do. I highly recommend this book to every child who has food allergies/sensitivities and children who do not but learn to be compassionate for those who do.

Sheryl Roessler - Educational Therapist

Rudy’s Freedom From Fear:

This book inspired me to follow my dreams and not let somebody stop me. Fears are things that stop most people in life. This is a great book that made me forget about my fears and made me feel so brave! I loved this book.

Talia, 8 years old

I liked this book. It showed how to help get over fears, face them and look at them a different way. It promotes facing fears. It’s message is don’t let your fears get the best of you.

Samuel, 11 years old

Plain Vanilla:

I liked that the girl in the story dealt with the problems with bullies by fixing it herself. I also liked that the bullies learned their lesson.

Samuel,11 years old

Brigita’s Angle :

This story defiantly kept me making my smile grow bigger and bigger. I think this story makes me feel better whenever I feel hopeless. When her wish came true it totally surprised me.

Talia, 8 years old

Grayson’s Fantastical Time Machine:

I like that the story shows how Grayson and his smart aleck cat Scooper used their imagination to build a time machine. I also think it was great that they built it to save Grayson’s grandpa.

Samuel, 11 years old.

Scooter Sports Star:

This book taught me that I can do anything if I put my heart into it. And that nobody is a looser. This is one of my favorite books!

Talia, 8 years old.

Magical Power of Epoh:

This story taught me to believe anything’s possible. If any child has a sickness, you can believe that you can get better. Just know there is still life that can shine.

Talia 8, years old

BAPBooks Review Crew