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greatest gift of all our pets

The Greatest Gift of All: Our Pets

The story is about Bindy and her brother Benny and their unconditional love of their dog Biffy and cat Miffy. When their next door neighbor Mr. Potters calls the dog pound on their pets to take them away. Bindy and Benny on Christmas Eve fly into outer space with their dog and cat in their father’s homebuilt spaceship. Only a Christmas miracle will be able to save them.

Lucy paw print

Lucy’s Paw Print Animal Rescue Center

This is a heartfelt story of a mother Rosie and her precocious eleven year old daughter Lucy who is always in getting trouble in school. But one day they receive a letter that explains they had inherited a fifteen acre farm outside the small town of Quaint in the country side. Lucy becomes very upset and sad that she is moving away and leaving all her friends. But the move changes both of their lives in empowering ways by creating an Animal Rescue Center on the farm land.