Rising Above Series


Rising Above Series

biddly triumphs from zero to hero

Biddly Triumphs: Zero to Hero

Biddly the red squirrel has a learning disability that not only makes it difficult for him to succeed in school, but he is also teased about it by his fellow classmates. Beany Bunny helps him with his learning disability and raises his self-esteem. At the same time he helps his classmates overcome a devastating problem that puts the entire squirrel population of his forest at risk.

What a marvelous story of learning disabilities. If a child has a learning disability this magnificent story allows a child to see there is a way to be successful. It is filled with hope. Everyone is touched by someone with a learning disability whether in the classroom, a sibling, relative or friend. I recommend this book highly for teachers, parents and children.
Sheryl Roessler - Educational Therapist

Plain Vanilla

This is a magical story of a young girl who is bullied by two mean – spirited girls. Soon, in one magical moment, she learns to believe in herself by creating an ice cream shop with special powers. This inspiring tale sheds light on the negative impact of bullying and learning to rise above it.

I liked that the girl in the story dealt with the problems with bullies by fixing it herself. I also liked that the bullies learned their lesson.
Samuel,11 years old
rudys freedom of fear

Rudy’s Freedom from Fear

Rudy the cat is afraid of the dark, monsters, thunderstorms and even mice! So he and his friend Colby go on a journey to free Rudy of his fears. Along the way they meet an eagle, bear, turtle and spider that have their own fears. Rudy and Colby venture to the castle of Princess Christina who holds the secret to free Rudy of his fears. This is an enchanting story that helps children free themselves of their fears and feel safe.

This book inspired me to follow my dreams and not let somebody stop me. Fears are things that stop most people in life. This is a great book that made me forget about my fears and made me feel so brave! I loved this book.
Talia, 8 years old